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*** FREE STAR* D-STAR 2012 Contest Rules ***


  • The FREE STAR* D-STAR contest is open to all licensed radio amateurs. The object of the contest is to have fun and make as many contacts as you can on XRF reflectors in as many countries as you can. Can't get any simpler then that! There's a bonus section dealing with voice message handling for those who would like a little more of a challenge.


  • Start: Saturday, September 1, 2:30 UTC
  • Finish: Monday, September 3, 06:59 UTC


  • All authorized VHF/UHF frequencies where there is access to a D-STAR repeater that can connect to an XRF reflector.
  • DVAPS and dongles are acceptable modes in the contest. Consult www.va3uv.com/dextra.htm it you need to upgrade your software to connect to XRF reflectors.
  • Stations can only be worked once regardless of band and/or XRF reflector.

Log Submission Deadline:

  • All logs must be received by Oct. 15, 2012 by e-mail.  Electronic submissions must be in Cabrillo format or, the log and summary sheet templates provided below can also be used.  Logs should be submitted via e-mail to: logs - at - va3uv.com

What's Up For Grabs:

  • This contest is mainly for bragging rights, but we do have one HP Thin Client Server with a full FREE STAR* package loaded up for grabs.

What Contacts Count:

  • All contacts must be made via an XRF reflector. The only exception are those made on a local repeater with no gateway involved.
  • NO linking of repeaters together.
  • Simplex contacts are not allowed.
  • No analog bridge contacts count. All contacts must be digital.


Voice Contacts

  • XRF Reflector 005B is designated as the master or hang out reflector. All contacts made on XRF005B are worth 2 points.
  • All XRF reflectors are involved in the contest. Contacts made on these reflectors (other then XRF005B) are worth 3 points, since they're harder to obtain. Please be mindful of nets and QSO's that are not part of the contest.
  • Contacts made on a local basis on a repeater count for 2 points.
  • Sorry simplex contacts are not allowed.


  • All voice messaging will be handled on XRF005C.  Messaging will function as follows:
    • You make a contact with a message station and pass a message to them (this earns you five [5] points);
    • The message station will pass you a message.  They will ask you a question.  Something like, what town do you live in or what's the current temperature.  Something really simple.  In that message will be an email address for you to send your answer.
    • Sending the answer to the email address provided, will get you a return email from the server awarding you extra bonus points.  The return email will provide information on the bonus points.


  • Message Stations:





... and possibly others not listed above.


Final Score

  • Your final score is determined by adding up the score of your voice contacts and multiplying it by the number of different countries you worked. Countries can only be counted once. To that total add on the added score of your messaging contacts.


  • Every exchange should include QTH, RS (59) and the year you were 1st. licensed. Also, note the XRF reflector # if it's not XRF005B.


  • enquiries - at - va3uv.com

Messaging example:

  • This is an example only, you may compose how you wish.
  • ARRL Radiogram is the form to be used. If your not sure how the Radiogram is formatted check: http://bclingan.org/mainpage_000004.htm for instructions.
  • Example:

precedence: R
Station of Origin: VA1AAA
Check: 12
Place of Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Time Filed: 13:41
Date: September 1, 2012




Log examples:

Log File

Summary Sheet

Downloadable Files: