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VE3TNK is a virtual repeater (or a reflector) that bridges multiple VoIP systems together allowing licenced amateur radio operators and repeater systems to converse with each other, as required during times of emergency communication, regardless of technology.  The VE3TNK reflector hosts the Provincial Communications (PROCOM) Net every Thursday evening at 20:00h EST.  Stations wishing to check-in can connect via Asterisk (Node 2200), D Star (XRF005A), or IRLP (EXP0040) - Note a small change is required to stock IRLP nodes to allow connectivity to node numbers less than 1000 - click on 'IRLP Changes' above for more info.

I would like to take a moment to express thanks to the Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario for hosting the reflector in the hospital data centre.



Asterisk HUB Node Activity:

Allstar HUB Activity - Graphical Overview:



EXP0040 (IRLP) Stations: