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The KB8ZGL HUB is a virtual repeater (or a reflector) that bridges multiple VoIP systems together allowing licenced amateur radio operators and repeater systems to converse with each other regardless of technology, geographical location and political bias.

The reflector is housed in a University Data Centre in the North Eastern USA.  As with all FREE STAR* reflectors, D-STAR Gateways and Users, registered with either US root or rcDDB are welcome to connect to XRF004.

XRF004A supports bridging to analog systems, such as the Allstar Network, via Allstar Node 2363 and IRLP Reflector 0042.  Modules B, C and D are reserved for pure D-STAR use (no analog cross-connectivity).  Module E is an echo-test module, which can be used for testing audio quality.









Asterisk HUB Node Activity:

Allstar HUB Activity - Graphical Overview:



EXP0042 (IRLP) Stations: